Our Story
TradeDash began as a collaborative idea between supply chain veteran Clint Bower and software developer Uri Budnik, who were looking to fix the all-too-common issues plaguing the import and supply chain industry.
After working alongside others seasoned in the field, it quickly became clear just how many professional headaches were being caused by a lack of communication, organization, and oversight. The TradeDash team took note of problematic gaps and with their newfound insight began developing a solution to address them from top to bottom. Months later, TradeDash was born.
Since its inception, TradeDash was designed to be a dynamic solution, leveraging a customized, customer-centric approach, with a focus on process simplification and automation. A strong feedback loop from users fosters continual improvement of the platform and further refines ways to address pain-points unique to managing an efficient purchase order process.
Our Philosophy
TradeDash was 100% designed with the end user in mind. As an integral part of high-pressure positions, our aim is to relieve the stress of having small issues turn into huge, costly problems. That means providing our users with a comprehensive solution with unparalleled reliability, an intuitive interface, and direct access to our support and customer success teams, so we can continue refining it to better suit our customers and ultimately, help them find success.

Our Team

Uri Budnik

Head of Product Strategy

Clint Bower


Aaron Pludwinski

Customer Success

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