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Easy to Update POs and Track their Status

Get everyone on the same page without email or meetings. TradeDash is a single, live version of a PO’s status and latest communication that everyone can view and update simultaneously. No more wondering if you are looking at the most current information for each order.

Say Goodbye to Drowning in Email

  • Is everyone in your department getting copied on every email whether they need to or not?
  • Do you loose sleep wondering if there is a time bomb in your inbox that you missed?

TradeDash organizes all communications by Purchase Order and surfaces the important information that you need to know about what is blocking an order and who needs to do what next.

Stay on Schedule, Reduce Late Fees, Save Money

With TradeDash you can focus on high-value work. Get alerts when a critical task for a purchase order is blocked. Have complete visibility into anything that may cause a delay or mistake.

Critical items can slip through the cracks and make an order late. Many retail chains charge late fees when an order is not delivered on time. If it happens more than once, you can even loose that customer. Ouch!

Manage Tasks and Collaborate Efficiently with Your Team

TradeDash makes each PO a mini-project with a defined set of tasks with deadlines. Everyone in your department can see what they need to do and when it is due. With complete transparency, you can quickly see what is holding up an order and make decisions faster.

Keep All Documents and Files in One Place and Share Easily

Finding file attachment AND making sure you have the right version is a pain. A mistake with a document can be costly. TradeDash gives you a document storage area for each PO that is easily accessible for you AND your vendors. Send them large files with just a link and they can do the same for you. All documents stay organized with their Purchase Order.

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What our beta customers are saying…

Because our POs have many tasks and several different people are involved along the way, each order really becomes a mini-project and I need a more efficient way to track and manage each like it’s a project.

Gina, Director of Purchasing, Electronic Components Manufacturer

In our peak season we have over 50 purchase orders open at any one time. I just want to know at a glance what the status of each PO is so I can adjust my team’s priorities as necessary.

Ryan, EVP Sales & Marketing, Home Furnishings Importer

Communications about purchase order specifics are spread between email, text messages and ad-hoc meetings. We need a better way to capture and keep all related conversations about an order in one place.

Jennifer, Purchasing Manager, Linen & Bath Products Importer